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Get Help Now for Water Damage

Whenever your home or business is affected by flooding or a water leak, it is critical that you get help right away! When water damage is allowed time to dwell, it can travel to unaffected areas, cause permanent damage, and even lead to mold growth. The sooner the water is extracted and the affected area is dried, the better.

At Water Damage Express, we provide fast professional water damage service 24/7. No matter what time you call us, we’ll respond right away and fully prepared to get to work. We utilize advanced moisture detection technology to locate the source of the water, determine the extent of the damage, and to ensure your property is completely dried. You can feel confident knowing your home or business is in great hands with Water Damage Express.


We Will Help You Start to Finish

Water damage isn’t always as straightforward as extracting and drying water. In many cases, the water may be contaminated and pose a potential threat to your health. Floodwaters, sewage backups, and even clean water that has been stagnant for several days are considered contaminated and will require additional measures be taken to restore the health of your property.

At Water Damage Express, you can rest assured that we’ll get the job done right. We’ll sanitize and deodorize any affected areas that have been in contact with contaminated water.

We’ll arrive at your home or business fully equipped and ready to get started. We have air movers, dehumidifiers, sub floor drying equipment, and wood floor drying systems to take care of your water damage problem fast.


Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

With the exception of natural disasters, most water damage can be prevented or at least minimized through proactive measures. Follow these maintenance tips to make sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent water damage in your home or business.

1.  Clean your gutters
Make sure your gutters and clean clear of any debris that may cause water to overflow during a major rainstorm. Also make sure they are in good condition and free of cracks or sagging.

2.  Check downspouts & landscaping
Your downspouts should adequately direct water away from the foundation of your property. You should also make sure your landscaping slopes downward and away from your property.

3.  Have your roof inspected
Prevent water damage to your ceiling and walls by having your roof inspected regularly. Check for damage to shingles and flashing and for any signs of pooling water or sagging.

4.  Update your plumbing
Backflow valves prevent sewage from backing up and re-entering your property. Make sure backflow valves are located on all drains, sinks, and toilets.

5. Don’t clog your drains
Grease should never be poured down the drain. Avoid sending anything down the drain that could result in a blockage

6. Check your sump pump
If you have a sump pump installed, test is regularly. If you do not have a sump pump, consider having one installed. Make sure to get one with a battery backup system so it’ll still work in the event of a power outage.

7. Watch for signs of water damage
Check areas that are susceptible to water damage regularly for signs of water damage or staining. Areas near sinks and toilets as well as appliances are common areas for water damage to occur.

8. Monitor your water bill
A leak can go undetected for a long time before any visible signs of water damage are present. Always check your water usage on your water bill for any unusual increases. If you suspect a leak, call a plumber.

What to do when you have Water Damage in South Florida

Whenever water damage impacts your property, you’re also faced with the possibility of mold growth. Water damage must be addressed within 24-48 hours to effectively prevent mold growth. If water damage lingers for any longer, you could be facing a much larger problem.

To make sure the affected area is dried as quickly as possible, turn to the professionals at Water Damage Express. We have the necessary training and equipment to ensure your property is dried fast and thoroughly to prevent any potential mold growth.


Don’t let other companies open up your walls to check for water damage!

Water Damage Express Offers FREE Thermal Imaging

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How We Use Infrared Cameras to Detect Water Damage in Florida

Water damage is often hidden in walls or ceilings or trapped behind baseboards or flooring. By the time visible signs of water damage are present, such as staining or mold growth, the water could have travelled from your ceiling, down a wall, and into your floor, creating a big mess!

Identifying all the areas impacted by water damage is an important step of the water damage mitigation process. If all the affected areas are not properly dried, your property will be at risk of mold damage or structural damage. At Water Damage Express, we utilize the latest infrared cameras to identify areas of water damage in your home or business. We then confirm the presence of water using moisture meters – all without damaging your walls.

How Does it Work?

Infrared cameras detect surface temperature differences in your home. Areas that have been affected by water damage appear cooler than the surrounding areas. Because there can also be other explanations for cool spots, such as poor insulation, infrared camera images should always be used in combination with moisture meters to confirm the presence of moisture.

Once you are to the point where you suspect water damage, there could already be significant damage to your property. Through the use of thermal imaging and moisture checks, we can help identify water damage sooner.

That’s why at Water Damage Express, we offer FREE THERMAL IMAGING to check for hidden water damage or mold growth. There’s no obligation – if you suspect water damage in your home or commercial property give us a call today!